Microsoft Internet Explorer retired next year

Internet Explorer to be ‘retired’ next year, says Microsoft Silicon Valley: Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will retire its popular browser, Internet Explorer, by June 15, 2022, and will be replaced by Edge, a built-in web browser for Windows 10. Shawn Lindersay, program manager for Microsoft Edge on Microsoft’s official website, said in a … Read more

Ottoman Empire Credits First World Vaccine

ANKARA: (Web Desk) You will be surprised to know that the world’s first use of the vaccine method began during the Ottoman Caliphate. However, the process was in its infancy when it arrived in the UK through Lady Marie Vertley Montagu, wife of the British ambassador to Turkey, where physician Edward Jenner developed the first … Read more

The Gaza conflict is pushing the region

The Gaza conflict is pushing the region in the wrong direction, Saudi Arabia is concerned Riyadh: (Web Desk) Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has said that the Gaza conflict will push the whole region in the wrong direction. Pressure must be put on all parties to prevent violence. According to, Saudi Foreign … Read more

Pakistani players get out on 99

Pakistani players get out on 99 Lahore: (NewsBreaked) If the pages of the history of cricket are read carefully, the number of people who got out at 99 in a Test match is very high, but in this article, we will only mention those Pakistani batsmen who scored 99 in a Test. They got out … Read more

Asian boy Usman Wazir’s fight

Asian boy Usman Wazir’s fight for Youth World title postponed due to Corona Manila: (NewsBreaked) Asian boy Usman Wazir’s fight for the Youth World title has been postponed due to coronavirus. The fight was scheduled for May 22 in the Philippine capital Manila, with world champions Geron Inkjas and Koch Juan saying in their message … Read more