Darren Sammy began to enjoy tourism in Pakistan

Lahore: (Web Desk) Pakistan Super League (PSL) Peshawar Zalmi’s coach and two-time West Indies T20 World Cup winner Darren Sammy began to enjoy tourism in Pakistan.

According to details, after the cases of Coronavirus increased across the country, cases also came to light in Pakistan Super League (PSL). After the cases came to light, the event had to be canceled due to which foreign players returned to their homeland. Several players have announced to come to Pakistan for the remaining matches.

However, after the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was postponed, Peshawar Zalmai’s coach Darren Sammy and mentor Hashim Amla are in Pakistan and enjoying tourism in other parts of the country.

A video went viral yesterday during Darren Sammy’s visit to Malam Jabba. In this video, it can be seen that he is dancing in a shalwar kameez.

Now, once again, in a statement released on the social networking site Twitter, Darren Sammy wrote that he is saddened by the postponement of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 matches.

In his statement on Twitter, he added that after the event was postponed, he was grateful that apart from cricket, he was enjoying the beauty of Pakistan.

Earlier, Peshawar Zalmi’s coach Darren took action in semi-tape ball cricket. He hit fours and sixes while playing with the youth in Lahore.

After the postponement of PSL, Peshawar coach Zalmai Darren Sammy got involved in tape ball cricket, got out of his car on the occasion of his visit to Lahore, and started playing cricket with the youth on the ground. The youngsters were amazed to see the world-famous cricketer among them.
A video of Darren Sammy was shared from Peshawar Zalmi’s official Twitter account in which the former West Indies captain is seen playing brilliant shots. He hit sixes on which the youngsters kept praising him.

Darren Sammy also shared photos on his Twitter account in which he is seen entertaining Zinda Dalan Lahore.