Fourteen countries have expressed concern over the report

Fourteen countries have expressed concern over the report

BEIJING: (NewsBreaked) Debate over the launch of Corona has resurfaced after a World Health Organization report surfaced, with 14 countries expressing concerns over the WHO report, demanding that Wuhan’s laboratory Re-examine the virus leak theory.

According to foreign media, a year and a half has passed since the outbreak of the deadly epidemic, but the source of the virus is still unknown. The virus was not detected in a laboratory, but could be transmitted directly from an animal to a human.

The 17-member global team of experts also said in the report that the virus is unlikely to spread from China, the source of the virus should be found in other countries.

Fourteen countries, including the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, expressed concern over the report, saying experts were not given access to complete data. The theory that the virus leaked from Wuhan’s laboratory should be re-examined.

The head of the World Health Organization has called for further research into all the hypotheses about the onset of the epidemic.

Chinese scientists say Beijing has sent a complete data team to the World Health Organization, which should expand the scope of research into the origin of the corona virus to the rest of the world.