Going Viral Musk Booed Off Stage

Going Viral Musk Booed Off Stage. They’re going to make some noise for the richest man in the world, [applause] It looks like some of the people you look for are in the audience so it’s going viral today Elon Musk’s coming soon Dave Chappelle and Chris Exhibited under Rock’s Show in San Francisco now the billionaire was.

Wearing an I love the Twitter t-shirt, he was brought on stage to some pretty mixed applause as you heard it was actually the alcohol that usually took over Musk didn’t get a chance to speak. The video was taken by someone who was practically taken off the stage.

The event was posted on Twitter before the account was suddenly deleted because Moda reporter Matt Novak posted it on YouTube and in a tweet Musk wrote that technically it was 90 cheers and 10 drinks except during the silence but Still, it’s pretty much the drink first.

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In real life often yes if our listeners can’t hear you Caro I want to point out very quickly that Dave Chappelle was saying that some of the people who were making noise were probably the ones that caused the Musk Twitter. could fire from what he was saying on stage.

His comedy is always very edgy and close to the line isn’t it but I have to say it felt like that perhaps was a bit of coming up on spring love, yeah yeah I mean it’s hard to know what to say is funny, or not funny but clearly, there was a strong reaction there.

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