how to increase breast size

how to increase breast size, As much as we emphasize body positivity and self-love, sometimes there are parts of us that we wish could be a little bit different and there’s nothing wrong with that since it is your body and your choice!

So if you wish your cup size was just a little larger, here are a few things you can try that might take you from a 32A to a 32B! Before you try these out, know that these don’t always work for everyone and if they do work the change might take some time and the size increase may only be small so remember to be patient and love yourself through the process anyway! Chest exercises can plump up the muscles around your breasts and make them firmer too.
Here are a few you can try!

1: Wall Pushups

how to increase breast size_Wall Pushups

Stand with your hands against a wall at chest height with your body slightly away from it. Use your arms to pull and push yourself towards and away from the wall in a standing pushup. Repeat the exercise 15 times every day. Fold your arms in front of your chest and while keeping your arms bent raise them as high as your can above your head and then bring them back down to chest level. Repeat it 15 times daily to see your twins perk up!

2: Massage

Massaging the breast tissue can also increase growth, especially if you use the right kind of oils! Try olive oil, fennel oil, or making a fenugreek paste and use it to massage yourself in circular motions clockwise and anti-clockwise once a day!

3: Food

how to increase breast size Food
There are a few foods out there that can actually help your girls grow! Soy-based foods like tofu or soy milk are rich in estrogen and may help in a slight size increase. You can also try foods like papaya, flax seeds, sesame seeds, and hummus as well. Not only are all these foods delicious but they could enhance tissue growth too!

4: Weight Gain

how to increase breast size Weight Gain

More often than not, gaining weight on your body goes along with gaining some weight on your breasts as well. Since the majority of a breast is fatty tissue it’s only natural that gaining weight will increase the size of your breasts too. However this is totally up to your body and your genetics and although some people are blessed to have the extra calories collection in the areas they want, it doesn’t always work for everyone!

5: Contouring

how to increase breast size Contouring

We’ve all heard about contouring our faces with makeup to chisel our features and enhance our bone structure and the shape of our faces. But did you know that you can also contour your breasts to make them look fuller? Apply the bronzer on your cleavage and around the top half of your breasts, followed by a little highlighter under the bronzer, and blend it all out for a subtle lift!

6: Push-up Bra

how to increase breast size Push-up Bra

If nothing else works, you can always invest in a push-up bra that can add a little extra and will enhance your size as much or as little as you want to depending on the level or padding your go for. You can even buy some silicone inserts that can be worn with any bra!

7: Surgery

how to increase breast size Surgery

Finally, surgery can be an option for anyone out there who really wants it. But know that it makes drastic changes and comes with a high price tag and a long recovery time too! We hope these tips help you enhance your breasts to make sure you feel your best!

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