India is falling into the hell of Corona, world media

India is falling into the hell of Corona, world media

Narendra Modi’s fascist Indian government has failed to deal with the second wave of coronavirus because of the serious situation of corona in India and in the last 24 hours alone more than 349,000 cases have come to light and 2,767 people have died. Are

Experts and analysts say in their interviews that Corona patients are not getting a place in hospitals and are particularly severely deprived of oxygen.

During the Corona tsunami, the hashtag “We can’t breathe” is trending on Indian Twitter. Indian TV channels have shown patients wandering the corridors and roads of hospitals waiting for medical help.

Political experts and analysts praised the humanitarian spirit shown by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for the Indian victims and said that the Pakistani nation prays for the speedy recovery of Coronavirus patients in India and around the world.

He said that despite facing Indian atrocities, Kashmiris, expressing the same human spirit, sent 100 oxygen delivery machines to the Indian state of Maharashtra.

He said that Indian politicians have also condemned the Modi government for failing to control the Corona cases. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP government was responsible for the current crisis of lack of oxygen and lack of ICU beds.

Another Congress leader, Priyanka Gandhi, said that Prime Minister Modi had failed to provide a sense of security, direction, and leadership in the face of increasing cases of the coronavirus. Failed to control completely. Political experts and analysts believe that the Modi government’s decision to allow the Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela in the Indian state of Uttarakhand has led to the widespread corona.

He said the decision to allow large-scale election rallies in West Bengal had exacerbated the already dire situation in India. He said that when the BJP government needed to focus on tackling the coronavirus, Prime Minister Modi was busy addressing election rallies.

Political experts and analysts say the international press has also blamed Modi for failing to deal with the second wave of coronavirus.

The Times of London writes that Modi is trying to deal with the second wave of Corona.

The Guardian headlined that the health system in India has collapsed: India is falling into the hell of Corona.