Pakistan began to develop rapidly in technology

ISLAMABAD: (NewsBreaked) Google and Pasha have revealed in a report titled “Unlocking Pakistan Digital Potential” on digital transformation that Pakistan has started developing rapidly in the field of technology.
According to the report of Google and IT Institute (P @ SHA), there are more than 300,000  IT professionals in Pakistan, and more than 25,000 IT graduates graduate annually.
The Google report reveals that digital technology could add Rs 9.7 trillion to Pakistan’s economic growth by 2030. Pakistan has trained more than 700 technology startups since 2010, accounting for 15% of technology exports annually by 2020. Technology exports are expected to reach 3.5 3.5 billion in 2022.
Google’s Regional Director Farhan Qureshi said that Pakistan’s online population is on the rise, with Internet usage up 54% in 2021. Google offers Pakistanis access to useful products, tools, technical information, and online safety. While Pasha will continue to work with various government agencies to achieve the vision of Digital Pakistan.
Expressing happiness over the findings of the Google Report, President Dr. Arif Alvi said that creating more than 4 lakh jobs through Google products is conducive for the Pakistani economy while the dream of Digital Pakistan together with the public and private sectors has become a reality. I have to change.

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