Pakistani players get out on 99

Pakistani players get out on 99
Lahore: (NewsBreaked) If the pages of the history of cricket are read carefully, the number of people who got out at 99 in a Test match is very high, but in this article, we will only mention those Pakistani batsmen who scored 99 in a Test. They got out on runs and thus lost the century.
In cricket terms, it is called Nervous 99. Below we will mention the ten Pakistani players who fell victim to this misfortune. Well, the number of players is 10, but there are two players who lost their wickets twice at 99. Similarly, the names of those who got out at 99 are 10, but such incidents took place 12 times. Saleem Malik and Misbah-ul-Haq were twice dismissed for 99 runs.
Maqsood Ahmed
When the Indian team came to Pakistan in 1954-55, it played five Test matches. No result came out of the five-Test matches and the series ended in a draw. In the Lahore Test, a Pakistani batsman Maqsood Ahmed was dismissed for 99 runs. You stumped him on the ball of Indian sniper Gupta. This was the first Test match of Pakistani player Miranbakhsh. Apart from Maqsood Ahmed, Imtiaz Ahmed and Wazir Mohammad scored 55 and 55 runs in the first innings. Gupta took five wickets. It is said that in this match when Maqsood Ahmed was dismissed for 99, a spectator died due to shock.
Majid Khan
Majid Khan was one of the most charming stroke players of his time. He became famous as the opening batsman and his pairing with Sadiq Mohammad was much loved. Sadiq Mohammad also played good cricket and his brothers also made a name for themselves, including Hanif Mohammad, Mushtaq Mohammad, and Wazir Mohammad. When the England team came to Pakistan in 1973, three Test matches were played. All three matches were drawn. Cricket was played very slowly in those days. The England team was captained by Tony Lewis while the Pakistani team was led by Majid Khan. The third Test match was played in Karachi in which Majid Khan was dismissed for 99 runs. It was a unique test match of its kind. In the same innings, Mushtaq Mohammad also returned to the pavilion for 99 runs, and then England batsman Dennis Ames also lost his wicket for 99 runs. It was the only Test match in which both the players were dismissed for 99 in the first innings. Majid Khan also used to bowl off break at that time. He also took wickets in this Test match. Similarly, Mushtaq Mohammad also bowled a number of England players with his league spin bowling.
Mushtaq Mohammad
As mentioned above, besides Majid Khan, Pakistani all-rounder Mushtaq Mohammad also lost his wicket for 99 runs in the Karachi Test. Majid Khan was bowled by English bowler Pokak and caught by Ames. Mushtaq Mohammad was run out. Definitely, both of them got nervous, and then what a spectacle. England batsman Dennis Ames also hit a nervous 99 in the first innings.
Javed Mian Dad
Javed Mian Dad was a strong-willed player but was dismissed for 99 in the Bangalore Test against India in 1983. Imran Khan was unfit that is why Zaheer Abbas led the Pakistani team. This test series also ended in a draw. The first Test was played in Bangalore. The match was played from November 14 to 19. Pakistan scored 288 in reply to India’s first innings (275). Javed Mian Dad unexpectedly fell victim to Nervous 99. In fact, the Indian fielders put a lot of pressure on Mian Dad and they tried to prevent Mian Dad from scoring a century, and then it can be said that Javed Mian Dad came under pressure and bowled Madan Lal’s ball to Sri Kant. Hands caught out. Tahir Naqash and Mudassar Nazar bowled brilliantly in this innings. However, the sad thing was that Mian Dad could not make a century. India’s aggressive fielding showed work and deprived Mian Dad of a century.
سلیم ملک
The match played in Leeds (England) on July 2, 1987, is memorable in that Imran Khan took 10 wickets and Pakistan won the match by an innings and 18 runs. England scored 136 in the first innings while Pakistan was bowled out for 353 in reply. Saleem Malik was playing very well but scored 99 runs and was caught by Gower on the ball of Edmunds. Foster took 8 wickets in this innings. Imran Khan took three wickets in the first innings and seven in the second innings. He was named man of the match.
سلیم ملک
Saleem Malik was destined to be out for 99 for the second time. In the Johannesburg Test against South Africa on 19 January 1995, he returned to the pavilion for 99 runs. South Africa had scored 468 runs in the first innings in response to which Pakistan was bowled out for 230 runs. In the first innings of the Test match, Saleem Malik was caught by Exton on the ball of Alan Donald. Pakistan lost this test match. Which is a pity but also sad that Saleem Malik was out for 99 runs for the second time.
Amir Sohail
On November 9, 1995, Pakistan played a Test against Australia in Brisbane. Pakistani batsmen could not match Shane Warren’s bowling and Australia won the match by an innings and 126 runs. The other sad thing was that in the second innings of the match, Aamir Sohail scored 99 runs and was dismissed by Glenn McGrath. Australia scored 463 in the first innings while Pakistan was bowled out for 97 in reply. Shane Warren took 7 wickets. After the follow-on, Pakistan could score only 240 runs. Me and Shane Warren did not allow any Pakistani batsman to play. In the second innings, Aamir Sohail was playing very well but luck did not help him and he scored 99 runs and fell victim to the bowling Me.
انضمام الحق
In March 2002, Inzamam-ul-Haq was dismissed for 99 in the Lahore Test against Sri Lanka. This was also the case with Nervous 99. Shahid Afridi also took part in this test match. This was the final of the Asian Test Championship which Sri Lanka won. Pakistan scored 234 in the first innings in reply to which Sri Lanka put up a mountain of 528 runs. Kumar Sangakkara scored 230 runs. Pakistan scored 325 in the second innings but none of the batsmen apart from Inzamam-ul-Haq (99) and Shahid Afridi (70) could match the bowling of Chaminda Vass and Murali Dharan. The defeat of this match was a shock but even when Inzamam-ul-Haq’s century was not completed, the cricket fans were very sad. He was bowled clean by Chamanda Vass for 99 runs.
Asim Kamal
Asim Kamal is said to be a very good Test batsman and used to play hard on the wicket. Unfortunately, he could not play cricket for long. Asim Kamal was also included in the Test match between Pakistan and South Africa on October 17, 2003. He was playing very well but then he got nervous 99. Although Pakistan won the match, everyone regretted that Asim Kamal did not score a century. With the perseverance and enthusiasm with which he was batting, everyone believed that Asim Kamal would succeed in making a century but it did not happen. He was bowled by South African bowler Neil. Shoaib Akhtar and Danish Kaneria bowled brilliantly for Pakistan in this match. Tawfiq Omar’s century was also highly praised as he scored 111 runs in the first innings. South African spin bowler Paul Adams also bowled brilliantly.
Misbah-ul-Haq has also been the captain of the Pakistan team. Unfortunately, he also lost his wicket twice for 99 runs. He first lost his wicket for 99 against New Zealand on January 15, 2011. The test match took place in Wellington. Pakistan scored 376 in reply to New Zealand’s first innings score of 356. Tawfiq Umar scored 70, Azhar Ali 67, and Younis Khan 73 runs. Everything was great but Misbah-ul-Haq, who was playing very well, was clean bowled by Martin for 99 runs. The match was drawn. Umar Gul and Tanveer Ahmed bowled very well for Pakistan. Abdul Rehman should also be commended for bowling 45.1 overs with 11 wickets. He took two wickets for 96 runs.
Playing against West Indies for the second time, Misbah-ul-Haq was not out for 99 runs. Being out for 99 means that the batsman misses a century and if he loses the wicket for 99 runs again, it means that he lost two centuries, which is definitely a big loss. Misbah-ul-Haq was playing at 99 in Kingston (West Indies) when the last batsman Muhammad Abbas scored one run and became LBW. He shared 34 valuable runs for the 10th wicket with Misbah-ul-Haq, but his dismissal prevented Misbah-ul-Haq from scoring the 11th century of his career. Thus, Misbah-ul-Haq became the sixth batsman in history to remain unbeaten on 99 runs. In this match, Yasir Shah took 8 wickets in both innings.
By the way, this article mentions the players who got out on a score of 99 in a test match. Misbah-ul-Haq’s name has been mentioned for the second time because even though he was not out for 99 runs, Shumai was lucky that he could not make his 11th century due to the dismissal of another batsman. Anyway, this was the last series of Misbah-ul-Haq’s Test career. This Test match was played in April 2017 which was won by Pakistan.
Babar Azam
Pakistan’s star batsman Babar Azam has also suffered the shock of being dismissed for 99 runs. In the Test match against Australia in Abu Dhabi in 2018, he missed one run due to which he could not complete the century. Earlier, Pakistan and Australia had drawn the Dubai Test, but after winning the Abu Dhabi Test, Pakistan won the series 1-0. In the second innings of this match, Babar Azam scored 99 runs and became LBW on the ball of M. Armarsh. Although Azhar Ali scored 64 and Sarfraz Ahmed 81 in the second innings and declared the innings at a loss of 9 wickets for 400 runs, it was very sad that Babar Azam was dismissed for 99 runs. Fakhr Zaman’s 66 runs were also a great joy but everyone was sympathetic to Babar Azam.
If we talk about the batsmen of the world who got out for 99 runs, a long list will come up but in this article, we have only told our readers about the batsmen of Pakistan who are ‘dangerous’ of 99. He lost his wicket on the run. By the way, the number of batsmen who got out after scoring 90 runs is also very high. Sachin Tendulkar not only got out for 99 runs but also lost his wicket by scoring more than 90 runs many times.
Had it not been for that, he would have managed to score many more centuries. Similarly, in the history of cricket, we also find some batsmen who were dismissed for 199 runs. What would you call cricket by chance or bad luck? There is no denying the fact that batsmen who are out at 99 have been sad for a long time that they could not score a century. This is because the opportunity to make a century is not repeated.

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