PFA Player of the Year

Mohamed Salah is in unconquerable form after a stellar performance in the derby match against Liverpool’s traditional rivals Everton.
Salah is at the forefront of the Players’ Association of Players of the Year (PFA) Player of the Year award, and it is almost certain that the Egyptian forward will be able to claim the award, beating all rivals.
During the match, Everton failed to advance in Liverpool’s half, which gave Salah space against Everton, which he took full advantage of to compete with any of the best players in Europe.

This kind of skill could often be seen in the old advice. But his full game can now easily beat his opponents.
When Jordan Henderson passed Salah and Salah took the lead by dodging Shames Coleman at half-line, he took advantage of the opportunity in a few seconds and scored.
The 29-year-old’s appetite for self-improvement has made him physically stronger and this was evident from Ano’s second goal as he overcame Coleman’s failed to challenge and scored with speed.
PFA Player of the Year

Everton failed to advance in the Liverpool half, which gave Salah space against Everton, which he took full advantage of (AFP).
Salah’s ability to score goals is now active. Now Salah from Egypt scores despite the low chances. Now the game has become more sophisticated due to which Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford also became helpless.
This was his 12th goal in the last 12 Premier League games and provided six assists. Salah has so far scored goals (assists or goals) in all but three of his 14 leagues. Even if the speed of rounding up the advice is reduced now, what if?
The second player to beat him in the PFA Player of the Year race?

It looks like Kevin de Bruyne will miss the Player of the Year hat-trick due to injury. He has only started five matches this season. Apart from him, other players in the Manchester City team have ensured that the team playing under Pep Guardiola can continue its high level.
Bernardo Silva has also emerged as the best midfielder to score the best volley goal this week against Aston Villa, perhaps the highlight of the season. But his game keeps the Manchester City team together in this way and he could be a candidate for the award if he manages to go beyond Chelsea and defend his title.
Portugal’s Joao Cancello is also one of the candidates as he has been seen to have a unique influence on the game in the role of fullback in the matches and in this position Anna Loha has been held by players like Trent Alexander Arnold and Race James. ۔

Mohamed Salah’s star has been shining every week, but the attention of the Portuguese duo is less even when the Manchester City superstar players show their unparalleled ability. Phil Foden, Jack Grealish, Riad Mahrez, Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, and Kevin de Bruyne (when he recovers) will add more match-fixing players in the future and further divide the votes of Manchester players. Will
Therefore, it seems that it will be Muhammad Saleh, even at this early stage of the season, he has 6 goals more than the total of Cristiano Ronaldo (four goals) and Romelu Lukaku (three goals).
In general, the award may depend on Liverpool’s victory. But Muhammad Salah has taken himself so far that he will surely get it.

Of course, in 2018, Muhammad Salah benefited from a similar situation. As Virgil Van Dyke met a year ago and De Bruyne two years ago when Liverpool won.
The Africa Cup of Nations is also starting, which could affect Salah’s form and Salah could be involved in the cup for four matches, which will deprive him of Premier League matches.
But Salah’s performance is so consistent that it will be difficult to beat him before the end of the year.

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