Pilgrims from Poland killed in Croatia bus crash

in croatia at least 12 people have been killed and 31 injured after a polish busveered off a highway early this morningthe bus was heading in the direction ofthe croatian capital zagreb when itcrashed near the city of varajdin it wason its way to bosnia-herzegovinathese are the latest images from the scene the polish prime minister saidthat the passengers the pilgrims were ontheir way to a site of a well-knowncat holicshrine our correspondent adam easton has beengiving us more detailsthis uh crash happened at uh 5 40 local time creation time so just after dawni’m not familiar with the actual conditions then but certainly the pictures as you cansee show sunny weather there but umthe polish uhforeign ministry has confirmed that there were two driver son board uh 42 pilgrims um most from different parts of of poland pilgrimages to the southern bosnian this town of mejiagoya are very very popular in poland and happen every year since the 1980s when uh a group of uhchildren in the town said they saw avision of the virgin mary at the shrineand uh the vatican actually made it official pilgrimage sites a couple of years ago um so this is very common foruh for for coaches like this which apparently was not a particularly old coach it was manufactured in denmark inĀ  2011 uh and had been registered to atravel company north of warsaw umit has been a shock to this country though of course which is deeply romancatholic and uh these events thankfully are rare although there was uh one in 2007 in the south of france where 24 people died pilgrims again on a and a coach apolish coach there so umthis is caused uh deep uh sadness obviously amongst the most people through out poland andthe polish prime minister has sent acouple of his cabinet ministers to thecrash site to try and help uh with the operation there and unfortunately among the injured i think more than 30 injured some of the mcritically right um apart from the 12 people who have been confirmed to have died from this crashall of the remaining umuh 32 people on board are injured andit’s believed that as many as 19 of the mare seriously injured and they’re in different hospitals in the northern in northern croatia and in the capitalzagreb

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