Russians most often get to know their partner on the Internet or at work

A third of Russians who are in a relationship or married have met their couple on the Internet or at work. Both of these options gained 15% eachwrites RBC with reference to the results of a survey by the Super job portal.

At the same time, women are more likely to meet on the Internet (19%) than at work (17%), and men, on the contrary: 12% chose the option “work” and 11% – “Internet”.

The next most popular place to meet in the street (11%). 7% met a couple in the company of friends, 4% of respondents were familiar with a partner from school or university. Another 4% saw each other for the first time in a cafe or restaurant.

Less popular were acquaintances in the park or on vacation (3% each), as well as at a visit, in a store, club, at a party, and in the country (2% each). The same number of respondents had known each other since childhood or lived in the same house.

The survey involved 2 thousand adult Russians from 458 settlements in different regions. They answered questions from February 19 to March 4.

Not all Russians are in relationships or are happy in them. A December poll by the Higher School of Economics and the Institute of Sociology of the FCTAS RAS showed that 43% of the country’s residents experience loneliness. This figure is high, but not catastrophic. The fact is that the majority of Russians experience loneliness quite rarely, and only 12.2% often or always.

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