The mysterious death of a Walt 3 artist from the Arab world

Damascus: (Web Desk) In the last three days, the mysterious death of 3 artists from Arab countries has caused a wave of concern in the world of showbiz.
According to a report published in the foreign news agency, one of the artists, Raifa Al-Raz, is from Syria, but she left the country after the civil war for the last ten years and lived in the Netherlands.

Last Monday, unknown individuals stabbed him and seriously injured him. She was rushed to hospital in critical condition where she succumbed to her injuries.

Amsterdam police have arrested a man in the early stages of an investigation into the incident. Against which legal proceedings will be completed and presented before the court.

Police did not reveal the identity of the detainee but said he was 33 years old and had been living in the Netherlands as a refugee for several years.

The second artist to be mysteriously killed is also said to be from Algeria. Rem Ghazali The artist was being treated in a Paris hospital for an illness.

The hospital administration and Rem Ghazali’s family have confirmed her death but did not say what disease she was suffering from.

It should be noted that Rem Ghazali was considered as one of the modern artists of fine arts, besides he earned his name in acting as well as singing.

In 2004, she was named the Queen of Algeria. However, according to media reports, Rem Ghazali had been suffering from cancer since 2019.

The third singer to die in the past few days, Maida Basilis, also from Syria, was 54 years old. This has been confirmed by the Syrian government itself.

A statement from the Syrian Ministry of Information said that Maida Basilis was suffering from a contagious disease. We offer our condolences to her husband, musician Sameer Koifati, on this sad news.