U.S. hurricane death toll rises to 94

Kentucky: US hurricane death toll rises to 94, rescue workers search for survivors intensified.
The death toll in the U.S. state of Kentucky has risen to 94, with officials saying on Sunday that hopes of finding the missing alive two days after the disaster were dwindling.

At least 100 people are feared dead in Kentucky, with devastating tornadoes ravaging 200 miles in the Midwest and South America, Reuters news agency reported Saturday. Demolished, businesses shut down, and a struggle to find survivors under the rubble begins.
On Sunday night, US President Joe Biden described the devastation in Kentucky as a “catastrophe.” To be smooth

U.S. hurricane death toll rises to 94, search for survivors intensifies

Emergency workers are still searching for survivors, but federal and local officials have warned that the death toll, which is still 94, could rise further. Dogs searching for the bodies are still searching for bodies, Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir said.

Mayfield Mayor Kathy Owen said the hope of finding survivors is always alive, so we hope for a miracle.
Troy Props, the company’s CEO, who owns the wrecked candle factory, defended his decision not to shut down as the storm approached. “We did everything that should have been done, my heart is crying tears of blood for everyone,” he said.
It should be noted that in view of the catastrophe, Mayfield has been described by the authorities as Ground Zero (the exact place on the ground where the nuclear explosion took place). Historic houses and buildings had collapsed on their foundations, tree trunks had lost branches and leaves, and vehicles had overturned in the fields.

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