Deaths at South Korea's Halloween celebration

Eyewitnesses have described scenes of extreme chaos in the popular Etown area of South Korea's capital, Seoul.  The area is famous for its nightlife but its narrow streets were so crowded that many people died of suffocation.

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Officials say that more than 150 people have been killed and 86 injured in this incident. "There were tens of thousands of people, I've never seen so many people," Rafael Rashid, a journalist, told the BBC. There were so many people that we were getting crushed on the floor.

Thousands of young people were in Etown in Halloween costumes. He was happy to finally be able to party after two years of Covid restrictions in South Korea.  But many scary scenes have been revealed in the video clips. In the clips, it can be seen that people are stuck together and can barely move.

Some people are trying to climb up to safety. Bystanders can also be seen helping paramedics administer CPR to victims while a long line of bodies is seen on the floor. Apparently the crowd was moving forward, with those in front falling and trampled by those behind. In some video clips on Twitter, rescuers can be seen forcefully pulling trapped people from the crowd.

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AFP news agency quoted a female eyewitness as saying that "a little person like me couldn't even breathe."  She said she survived because she was on the edge of the street while "the people in the middle suffered the most."    Rafael Rashid said that "nobody really understood what was going on" and some "policemen were standing on top of their cars telling people to leave the area as soon as possible."

A veteran doctor, Li B Six, told local broadcaster YT that CPR was used to revive a few victims, but "the number will soon increase". Many people present came forward to help us with CPR.

"Many of the victims have turned pale," he said. I wasn't feeling their pulse and I didn't even bleed many. A young man also said that "there were more people there." "I am providing support to the police and working hard but their preparation will be lacking," he said.

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