What to do if WhatsApp is hacked?

Lahore: (Web Desk) Experts have given some useful tips to WhatsApp users to avoid hacking by following which they can avoid data theft.
According to a report published in the website Urdu News, technology experts have expressed concern that hackers want to hack the accounts of more than 2 billion users of WhatsApp and steal their data.
Experts say that if your WhatsApp account is hacked, send a message to to inform the authorities. Be sure to mention the phone number on your account in this email.
Then delete the WhatsApp application, download it again, try logging in again, repeat this process several times a day so that hackers can get involved. Users are also advised to try to log in to their accounts.
According to a report published in Urdu News, it is important to inform your friends and relatives by message or phone that your WhatsApp account has been hacked, they should not reply to any message in this situation.
Technology experts say that users should also turn on the two-step verification feature of WhatsApp.
Users can turn on the (Dual) feature by entering their phone number in the WhatsApp application data field.
The advantage of this is that if a hacker tries to tamper with your phone, the application will send you a 6-digit code, which will let you know that someone is trying to hack your phone. Is.
Note that WhatsApp gives its users one month after the account is suspended in which files and media can be restored, after which this data is permanently removed from the WhatsApp backup.

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